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People are the lifeblood of any organisation. At Twelve 77 Ventures, we believe that it is essential to provide them with the right tools to make them capable of achieving their potential. We work with organisations to help them support their employees to achieve their full potential.

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There are two types of skills that team members usually require to thrive in an organisation.

Hard Skills

These are skills that are core to the function of the business. They are typically specific capabilities that are measurable and that make a fundamental difference in how a team member can do certain things in the organisation.

We work with organisations to help them identify gaps in hard skills and training programs that can help bridge the gap.

Soft Skills

These are often people skills that make a difference in how someone is perceived and what outcomes they can achieve when engaging with other people. This can include sales contexts, leadership contexts, and inter-team performance contexts. In all of these cases, soft skills can make a difference. 

We work with organisations to diagnose issues and the people who seem to be struggling and roll out programs to address them specifically.

New Initiative

Companies are often required to evolve with the way the world is changing around them—this forces organisations to embark on new initiatives and embrace them within the organisation. We work with organisations that are at that stage to engage in the development and rollout of such initiatives within the company.

New Initiatives can be focused on the development of different types of assets in an organisation.

  • New market entry
  • Innovation and development
  • New product development
  • New business
  • New model development

Your people are your asset, we help add value to that asset.