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A business and the people associated with the business need to continuously grow. Several tools make that growth possible including training, mentorship, and planning. The leadership behind Twelve 77 Ventures has been helping businesses and entrepreneurs with these requirements for the last 3 decades and with a combined experience of over 50 years we help you move to the next level!


Prepare to face new challenges

Our tailored training programs help you prepare yourself to face new challenges and grow as an individual or as a team.

A good program helps use your strengths and overcome your weaknesses

Bringing greater perspective

We work with entrepreneurs to provide mentorship to help define their problems and find potential solutions.

An outside perspective matters!

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Planning is a start

We work with businesses and help craft business plans and feasibility studies that help them secure a deeper understanding of the various moving parts of the business. Things may not play out exactly as one imagines but it helps clarify the thinking.

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Raising it

We have worked with several investors over the years helping businesses find access to capital for their growth.

Our investment banking services will help your venture find the path to the capital that you seek.

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Thought Leadership at Twelve 77

How can we help you?

Please reach out to us by writing to us at this mail or you can call us directly at +91 9980170800