Investment Banking

Businesses require money at various stages for growth. In a rapidly changing world, access to capital can make a large difference in business outcomes.

We at Twelve 77 Ventures have been working with Angel Investors, Venture Capital funds, Private Equity Investors and Real Estate Investment Trusts over the years and have helped several ventures raise capital from these investors in India and globally.

We bring our experience and our network to the businesses that we work with. Having worked with these investors, we understand what their lookouts are at various stages from the standpoint of evaluating a venture. We also understand the key aspects that we need to highlight which makes it easier to put together the documentation required by the investors.

We also bring insights into the specifics of the deal when an offer is made to the entrepreneur. We can offer valuable advice on the outcomes and consequences of taking a deal and also ways in which it can be modified if certain clauses may pose challenges.

The investment banking function helps you in get in front of the right investors to present your venture and your vision for the business. Before this, we shortlist investors who have a mandate to invest in the space in which you are operating and growing. We help put the data room together that consists of all of the documents that would be needed to assess the company and can be critical to closing the deal. In terms of this, we work with the promoters of the business to solve any issues that may exist or could arise during the due diligence process.

Pitch Preparedness is important, we spend time with you to understand how comfortable you are with presenting your venture and help you streamline the pitching so that the highlights can get through to the person listening about the business. This is very crucial because we get little time to impress upon investors normally.

Once everything is neatly aligned and ready, we start the process of setting up face-to-face meetings with investors and focus on moving the discussion forward towards the closure of the deal.

At Twelve 77, you will find the best support in your fundraising journey.