Business Plan and Feasibility

Every business whether it is at the very beginning or whether it is moving along smoothly requires a business plan. Most well-run businesses have a business plan written out for each year because it helps provide them with a North Star around which everyone can begin execution. It also helps provide the team clarity over the goals that the company seeks to achieve.

In large organisations, plans are written out by business lines or even at a departmental level once the overall goals have been clarified.

We work with business leaders to help put together business plans for their organisations. Many of the requirements that come to us are from founders who are at a stage where they want to raise capital for their organisation. In such cases, we help them think through the various aspects of the business as they would develop in the future since the document is not just internal facing.

From the standpoint of methodology, we work with the leaders to understand how they see the growth of the venture panning out. We also help them look at the constraints within the business and outside to come up with a plan that is as realistic as possible for the venture.

Business plans are also required when a new vertical is being launched and it is important to get a market-level view of the dynamics at play.

We have worked with various clients and helped hundreds of organisations put together their business plans to scope out their execution plans.

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Feasibility Analysis

When any project has to be undertaken with a large upfront investment such as real estate projects, industrial ventures and hospitality ventures. A feasibility analysis helps the decision-makers understand the risks inherent within the project a lot better.

A feasibility analysis looks at the business feasibility, the market feasibility, the economic feasibility as well as the social feasibility of the project that is being planned. It is a holistic portrayal of the landscape and the challenges the business may face once it has been launched.

We also look at the financial feasibility of the venture. The financial feasibility also allows decision-makers to look at various case scenarios from the perspective of business ramp-up and business growth. This allows them to come to realistic conclusions on how the project might develop. At the same time, it also helps the team understand the nature of the risk that they would be taking on as a part of the project.

We have undertaken various kinds of feasibility studies and if you are embarking on a new project we would be happy to see how we can cater to your requirements.